My first blog it might ramble a bit, but I hear that is ok lol. Me and my husband started our family 11 years ago with the birth of my first son Tom. I think at this stage I need to talk about mine and Leigh (my husbands) backgrounds I was a family day carer running my own business and my husband who was bought up on the family farm and was working in partnership with his brother. Neither of us made lots of money so for us we needed to look at options for our son that where cost effective and reusable allot of what we started out our family journey with was gifted or hand me downs I bought old fashioned terry towelling nappies with plastic pants  some new some pre-loved. Being so excited and I loved my cloth nappies that I called real bums lol. I loved them but allot of work and when he went on solids and everything changed and I was getting staining and nappy rash it was not so fun :) for my first son this was the end of my journey with cloth and I started using disposables. 2 years later my second son Toby was born and although I started out with my cloth again it bothered me that his bum was bigger than anything else :) and I knew we would get to solids and the same thing would happen so I started looking for alternatives and stumbled across modern cloth, I fell in love and started buying really cheap cloth nappies on eBay to start me off. I realised very quickly that there were many brands out there and when we started not many cloth nappy businesses lots of mum's started the same time as me selling one brand but very few where selling multiple brands, The Bilby Bus was born (I will talk about my business name in depth in another blog) and I started trying and buying lots of Aussie brands ethically made off shore and one 100% Aussie brand (Green Kids)  I found I loved them all and when I had baby number 3,4,and, 5 I realised that a good nappy was made up of a few things that are super important for a successful nappy journey:  



1. Fit: every baby is different and are different shapes for instance some start their life sleeping on their back and when they can roll and become tummy sleepers they then have leaking issues,some have skinny or chubby legs. It is like putting a size 16 lady in a size 10 pair of jeans it just does not work.



2. Absorbency: Some of my 5 babies never filled their nappies even when asleep at night and some overflowed and I needed to boost their absorbency and until they come into this world you will not know which one you have been blessed with. Some nappies are designed for heavier wetter some are not.



3. Washing routine: You will learn lots of tips and tricks as you go along from other mothers but the best way to start is to follow the particular brand washing instructions and ask for help if you are having any issues with how your nappies are performing I will pop on the seedling link for their washing instructions as a guide 






I hope this helps you but as a mother of five who has seen it all with modern cloth nappies all you have to do is sing out and I can solve your cloth nappy woes 





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