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The Bilby Bus Business Story 


My family: 

Me (sarah) my husband Leigh, eldest son Thomas, Toby my little bilby, Johnathan, Amelia, Agatha, we farm in Forth Tasmania on a small vegetable farm and the last few years have been a struggle so I have to work, therefore I have opened my store front The Bilby Bus, one mother to another, which is located at 2/27 Alexandra Rd Ulverstone Tasmania. As most of you will be aware at the moment we are closed due to COVID 19, I really wanted to protect my community and the local artisans and mummy businesses I support with their products in store. We will be reopening this coming spring and we will have a re-launch ( I am really excited )   meanwhile it will mean allot to my little family for you to support us through our web page and I will post it out to you free of charge until we reopen.

“I was working full-time as a family day carer when I had Thomas, but stopped working when I had my little bilby, Toby. I still needed to bring in an income to support my family and it was time to find a new way to work. When I was getting ready to have Thomas I had a plan to use cloth but 11 years ago the only option I had was terry toweling and plastic pants so that is what i used, nine years ago I realised that there is a whole new modern world for cloth nappies! And so the Bilby Bus was launched, I started driving my bus around to the local markets and it all started from there. 



Over nine years, I’ve been able to share my experiences with other people who are interested in cloth nappies or finding an alternative to disposable nappies. A lot happens in the first couple of years of a child’s life and it’s rewarding when I can help someone on their own parenting journey. I also offer attachment parenting products, but cloth nappies are a huge trend at the moment.  
I’m the only one who has a store front on the North-West Coast of Tasmania. Mothers bring their babies into my shop in Ulverstone and we’re able to connect on a much more personal level. I want each customer to know they’re being truly listened to and won’t walk away unhappy or dissatisfied. People also send through baby photos online, if they don’t have to come into the store. I want to make the process as easy as possible for you! 




I offer well-loved products from across the globe, including New Zealand, Canada and Europe. I am passionate about Australian Made products and I do aim to offer as many Australian Made products as I can. I will only provide customers with products that have the best reputation. I’ve also tried most of the items out myself, so I can share my personal experiences and provide advice to customers. I can also work out what fits with The Bilby Bus Brand and what does not.” 

Thanks to Astrid Simone for our beautiful newborn photo shoot https://www.facebook.com/astridsimonephotography/