Bilby Bus Brand Rep Feb 2022



What’s Involved as A Bilby Bus Brand Rep

– Tests products and give helpful honest advice on fittings and styles

– Genuine enthusiasm and love for the products and brand.

– Actively engaging in our socials

– Supply 3 videos (to be used as reels) a month of your little one showing off their outfit

– Supply 5 photos per month with engaging and nice backgrounds. Portrait mode is always great to use for these.

– 3 mentions per month on both stories and social feeds. Unboxing in stories, video review of each product.

– Represents the brand in public


What you as the Brand Rep will receive in return

– 30% discount on anything purchased

–10% discount for your family, friend, and followers for 6 months. If your code is used up to 50 per month, we will send you a further $200 gift card to use on anything you desire.

–We will send you out our products to try, test and review for free leading into any product launched we have coming up

If this is something you just simply can not pass on, leave your details below and we will contact you within 48hrs to complete the final steps.