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Win your very own nappy pack worth $179.00

Are you on the fence regarding cloth nappies? 

Would you like to win your very own starter pack to try and test how they fit in to your life. 
We know once you get started you won't look back! 

One of these packs could be yours! 

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Our mission

Aere at the Bilby Bus we pride ourselves on providing only quality & affordable baby and children's clothing and accessories. We ensure they are unique, bring joy and create self-confidence for your little one.
Quality that will be handed down from child to child for many years to come. 

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Easy to use

True wonders of technology and seriously cute, modern styles are carefully crafted to be comfortable, absorbent, easy to use and cost-effective.

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Environmentally Conscious

Creating reusables for real people, to help make sustainable living simpler.

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For all sizes 

Catering for your babies needs from Newborn right through to toddlers. We understand what your precious one needs.