Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

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Material: Midnight medow

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The Beco Gemini is Beco's tried and true, longstanding carrier that is and has been loved by parents over the years. The Gemini baby carrier features:

- Padded carrier to ensure maximum comfort, including: shoulder straps, padded headrest for baby, padded leg support for baby, waist band. Evenly distributes baby's weight from shoulders to hip. 
- Tri-lock buckles, for added safety when babywearing. Each buckle can only be removed with two hands, making it extra safe and secure for your little one. 
- Adjustable sliding chest straps, to allow user to put on the carrier without assistance. 
- Elastic bands to hold excess straps, making the carrier neat and tidy.

- New! Now with an added waist belt pocket!

Important bits:

- 4 carry positions: Front (backpack style, or with shoulders crossed), back, hip carry, and the option of Front Carry (facing out). 
- Suitable from birth (3.5kg - without infant insert), to 16kg. 
- Waistband range 27" to 59". 
- Shoulder strap range 18" to 49". 
- One size fits most. 
- Carrier weight: 590g
- Material: 100% Cotton, Static and Lint Resistant. 
- Machine Washable. 

The Beco Gemini is designed for ease of use, comfort for both baby and child for both short, quick trips, and for long periods of time. Available in a range of stunning colours and designs.