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Who's it for?

Pregnant women who want to try avoid stretch marks occurring during pregnancy

What is it? The original Belly Balm made since 1993, often imitated but never equaled for quality and efficacy.

A super-rich buttery treat for a mum-to-be to enjoy using whilst literally contemplating her navel, and offers an extraordinarily comforting, relaxing experience, for both mother and partner to participate in.

The ideal present for a pregnant friend.Packed with vitamin-rich nut oils, butters and waxes especially formulated to help lubricate the skin as the tummy expands during pregnancy.

Used regularly May also help prevent stretch marks.Delicately scented with Tasmanian lavender and tangerine essential oils, safe for use during pregnancy.

Ingredients and benefits:

Leatherwood beeswax protective, healing and moisturising

Certified Organic ( BFA) Australian olive oil all plant oils chosen for their soothing moisturising, nourishing , penetrating and protective qualities

sesame and sunflower oils; cocoa butter; almond/wheatgerm avocado/macadamia/apricot oils super rich in skin nourishing and healing vitamin A

marigold infused olive and carrot oils super rich and healing for the skin with vitamin A and beta carotene

Tasmanian lavender and tangerine essential oils rich, lush scents - safe during pregnancy

Directions for use

Smooth on frequently, especially after bath or shower. Rich and concentrated, very economical, best used sparingly. Mums report that one jar lasts through a whole pregnancy.